Open Scholarship Press

The Open Scholarship Press makes relevant open social scholarship research and output available openly to academics and non-academics alike.

The Open Scholarship Press’s mandate is threefold:

  • Curate and republish foundational, significant open access work in open social scholarship—and publish select important new and emergent work in the area—as objects of intervention aligned with stated goals of the Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) Partnership and its members and employing established and emergent methods pertinent to them.
  • Publish open access journal issues related to work undertaken by Canadian Social Knowledge Institute entities, as objects of intervention and academic record aligned with shared open social scholarship goals.
  • Provide a space for INKE Partnership researchers and partners to model collaborative, open scholarly practices that effectively meet the interests and needs of an engaged public for humanities and social sciences research in particular.

The Open Scholarship Press has published foundational research scans and curated volumes of reprinted, open access material on PubPub and Wikibooks:

Publications are also available in print format via print on demand options linked to the original publications.

Editorial & Advisory Board

  • Janneke Adema (Coventry U)
  • Nicky Agate (U Pennsylvania)
  • Clare Appavoo (Canadian Research Knowledge Network)
  • Paul Arthur (Edith Cowan U)
  • Virginia Barbour (Queensland U Technology; Open Access Australasia)
  • Tully Barnett (Flinders U)
  • Jon Bath (U Saskatchewan)
  • Jonathan Bengtson (U Victoria)
  • Bernardo Bueno (Pontifical Catholic U)
  • Constance Crompton (U Ottawa)
  • Laura Estill (St. Francis Xavier U)
  • Chad Gaffield (U15; U Ottawa)
  • Matthew K. Gold (City U New York)
  • Susan Haigh (Canadian Association of Research Libraries)
  • Gary Hall (Coventry U)
  • Danny Kingsley (Flinders U, OAPEN)
  • John Maxwell (Simon Fraser U)
  • James McGregor (Canadian Research Knowledge Network)
  • Lucy Montgomery (Curtin U)
  • Tanja Niemann (Érudit)
  • Ángel David Nieves (Northeastern U)
  • Élika Ortega (U Colorado Boulder)
  • Ernesto Priego (U London)
  • Roopika Risam (Dartmouth C)
  • Jon Saklofske (Acadia U)
  • Anastasia Salter (U Central Florida)
  • Lynne Siemens (U Victoria)
  • Silvia Gutierrez de la Torre (C Mexico)
  • Christian Vandendorpe (U Ottawa)