Open Scholarship Policy Observatory

The Open Scholarship Policy Observatory collects research, tracks findings and national and international policy changes, and facilitates understanding of open social scholarship across Canada and internationally. 

Participants at the annual INKE winter gathering in Victoria, 2020. Photo by Lynne Siemens

Building from these activities, the Open Scholarship Policy Observatory serves as an aid to influence and implement policy around knowledge mobilization. The Open Scholarship Policy Observatory disseminates findings to other partners and stakeholders in both French and English along with local institutions, associations, consortia, and government bodies in order to assist these groups in developing timely and responsive policies. Further, the Open Scholarship Policy Observatory

  • tracks pertinent policies and their impact across the research community;
  • provides updates on new trends and current research via and at annual INKE Partnership gatherings;
  • offers a broad and deep foundation for the development of policy recommendations on important issues, including identity management, open access, data management, citizen science, and other related areas.