Community Projects

This suite of model initiatives proposed by INKE Partnership researchers and partners aims to facilitate closer collaboration between humanities and social sciences researchers and broader publics. In doing so, the Community cluster works toward increasing impact by bringing publics into humanities and social sciences work and humanities and social sciences work to publics.

Proposed projects in this suite include:

  • researching, prototyping, and sharing models for publishing French and English knowledge output effectively
  • collaborating with communities to build interactive archival and storytelling experiences relating to lesser-known cultural heritage periods and people
  • increasing access and re-use of cultural material, especially in a Linked Open Data framework
  • modeling new ways for processing, structuring, and disseminating digitized material
  • developing a web-based tool for the rapid gathering of folk and community materials, conversations, and information around current events
  • creating sustainable digital research management plans for open social scholarship
  • broadening impact and engagement of academic events, and making them more tractable for emerging scholars