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“E-reading Essentials in a Time of Change and unFixity (2011)” (Dutch National Library, Unbound Book, 2011)


“ETCL and INKE: Work on the Future of Reading (2012)” (UVic research profile, 2012)


“The Interface Implications of Understanding Readers” (2014)


“Reading Tools from a Distance” (2014)


“Wrkflux” (2014)

“MtV – Multitouch Variorum” (2014)

“The DH Experience Game” (2014)

“Sharing a Collection of 15th and 16th Century Books (2012)” (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation 2012)


“Rich Prospect Browsing (2011)” (TEDxJuanDeFuca 2011)

“Codex Redux: Books and New Knowledge Environments (2008)” (Association for Computing Machinery CIKM, 2008)


“Digital Humanities 2009 Speed Interview” (lucidwanderer86, 2009)


“Scholarly Interpretation in a Digital World (2011)” (IIT Institute of Design, Chicago, 2011)


“Interventions in the Confluence of Open Access and Social Engagement (2011)” (PKP Conference, Berlin 2011)


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