Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE) Partnership for Networked Open Social Scholarship (2017–2024)

Building on INKE’s successes (SSHRC MCRI, 2008–2016), the next phase of our collaborative exploration of new knowledge environments focuses on conjoint research toward networked open social scholarship. The Implementing New Knowledge Environments (INKE; Partnership for Networked Open Social Scholarship brings together key researchers and research partners to advance understanding and resolve crucial issues in the production, distribution, and widespread engagement of digital scholarship in Canada.

Our team has a breadth of expertise in, and a commitment to, alternative scholarly communication. We work closely with experts to develop national level policies, responsive frameworks, and scholarly best practices that embrace networked open social scholarship, including through ongoing education, skills training, and awareness-building initiatives. We come together to develop networked open social scholarship and to facilitate the most productive use of its modes and methods.

INKE leadership 2015–2016 includes Jon Bath (U Saskatchewan; Modelling & Prototyping), Stan Ruecker (IIT Institute of Design; Interface Design), Jon Saklofske (Acadia U; Modelling & Prototyping), and Ray Siemens (U Victoria; Director). Anticipated leadership, beginning in 2017, includes the above plus Brian Owen (Simon Fraser U), and Lynne Siemens (U Victoria).

In 2017–2024, INKE research and development will be carried out by two interconnected clusters—Capacity and Development—across four activity streams: Knowledge Mobilization, Policy Engagement, Alternative Modes & Methods, and Collaborative Implementation.


poster2The Capacity cluster is dedicated to engagement and community integration issues, with activities that focus on Knowledge Mobilization and Policy Engagement.







The Development cluster is concerned with modelling and interface research and development, with a main focus on Alternative Modes & Methods and Collaborative Implementation.





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If you are interested in learning more about INKE’s past, present, and future activities, please see If you are interested in working with us, please contact INKE Director Ray Siemens ( and join us in Victoria, BC in January 2017 for our next INKE Partner gathering.

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