We are pleased to share an archive of the featured talks from our INKE Victoria 2018 gathering, “Beyond Open: Implementing Social Scholarship”

Featured speaker: Heather Joseph (SPARC), “Open In Order To…”
Chair: Jonathan Bengtson (U Victoria Libraries)

Featured speaker: Adam Hyde (Collaborative Knowledge Foundation), “PubSweet – Opening the Door to Innovation in eScholarship”
Chair: John Maxwell (Canadian Institute for Studies in Publishing, Simon Fraser U)

Featured panel: “Developing Infrastructure and Services to Advance HSS Research”
Chair: Lisa Goddard (U Victoria Libraries)

  • Émilie Paquin (Érudit) and Tanja Niemann (Érudit), “CO.SHS: A Cyberinfrastructure for SSH Researchers in the Making”
  • Luis Meneses (U Victoria), Alyssa Arbuckle (U Victoria), Hector Lopez (U Victoria), Belaid Moa (Compute Canada), Richard Furuta (Texas A&M U), and Ray Siemens (U Victoria), “Aligning Social Media Indicators with the Documents in an Open Access Repository”
  • Juan Pablo Alperin (Simon Fraser U, Public Knowledge Project), “Introducing the First Open Altmetrics Database”

Featured speaker: Cameron Neylon (Force 11), “Beyond Open: Culture and Scaling in the Making and Sharing of Knowledge”
Chair: Rebecca Dowson (Simon Fraser U Library)

Featured speaker: Jonathan Bengtson (U Victoria Libraries, Canadian Association of Research Libraries), “Travelling the Open Road: CARL’s Scholarly Communications Roadmap and Related Initiatives”
Chair: Clare Appavoo (Canadian Research Knowledge Network)

Featured speaker: Jason Ensor (U Western Sydney), “The Digital Humanities Imagination, or How to Think Beyond Showing Off Software Features?”
Chair: John Simpson (Compute Canada)