INKE ID panel presents at Digital Humanities 2013

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Members of the INKE Interface Design team presented a panel entitled “The Design of New Knowledge Environments” at Digital Humanities 2013 at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln on July 17, 2013.  Ray Siemens chaired the panel.

Please see the abstract here: INKE – Abstract for DH2013

Members of the panel included the following:

Dr. Ann Blandford / Professor / University College London

Dr. Susan Brown / Professor / University of Guelph

Dr. Teresa Dobson / Associate Professor / University of British Columbia

Dr. Sarah Faisal / Researcher / University College London

Carlos Fiorentino / Instructor / University of Alberta

Luciano Frizzera / MA student / University of Alberta

Alejandro Giacometti / PhD student / University College London

Brooke Heller / MA student / University of British Columbia

Geoff G. Roeder / MA Student / University of British Columbia

Ernesto Peña / PhD student / University of British Columbia

Mihaela Ilovan / MA-MLIS student / University of Alberta

Dr. Piotr Michura / Lecturer / Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow

Dr. Brent Nelson / Associate Professor / University of Saskatchewan

Atefeh Mohseni / MA Student / University of Alberta

Milena Radzikowska / Associate Professor / Mount Royal University

Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell / Professor / University of Alberta

Dr. Stan Ruecker / Associate Professor / IIT Institute of Design

Dr. Stéfan Sinclair / Associate Professor / McMaster University

Daniel Sondheim / Coordinator of the ETCL / University of Victoria

Sarah Vela / MA-MLIS Student / University of Alberta

Jennifer Windsor / MA Student / University of Alberta

Tian Yi / MA Student / University of Alberta

and the INKE Research Group

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